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App for complete school management

Manage your students data, leads (potential members), classes, attendance, payments, tasks, competitions, inventory.... Get insights into your school performance with charts on your Dashboard and various reports!

Members and leads management

Manage your students data, store all relevant personal and your martial art specific data about your students. You can create your own fields to store any data. All data can be downloaded in excel format anytime.

Classes management

Create classes for different martial art styles, define schedule, define pricing, enroll members and track attendance and performance. Enable class booking, create forms for self enrollments, embed forms on your website and automate signups.

Read our tutorial about Class booking

Belt promotions management

Define your ranks for one or multiple martial arts and set requirements (attendance, age, number of classes attended, milestones). Your students can track their progress towards next belt in mobile app Dojo Login for students. Promote members with one click and send them digital belt certificate. Read our belt promotions tutorial to see all options.

Student login app

Free mobile app for your students "Dojo Login" enables your students to check their data, book classes, track progress, pay invoices, read announcements, etc. You can send messages with push notifications. Customize app menu - define which data can be accessed. Find our more about Dojo Login app!

Mobile app for you and your instructors

DojoExpert mobile app enables you to perform common tasks easily: track attendance, mark payments, access student records, send messages. Define multiple user logins for your instructors with different permission settings.

Read more about DojoExpert mobile app for instructors!

Self checkin

Track attendance automatically with your smartphone and QR code cards! Display due info on scanning! Run attendance reports and find out which students are missing classes (and send them automated emails).

Read more about Attendance tracking and Contactless check-in

Payments management

Have complete control over subscription payments. Easy find out who ows you money or who is late with monthly payment. Generate invoices automatically and send them to your members via e-mail.

Integrate with PayPal, Stripe or GoCardless

Inventory and webshop

Manage your inventory on stock and sell selected items online to your members or public. It’s easy to add inventory data, set the prices and setup the webshop. You can take payments with PayPal or Stripe.

Read our Webshop tutorial to find out how it works!

Create online registration forms

Create registration forms and invite people (students or non-students) to register online via your form! Send invitations via email, track who registers, export data to excel and much more!

Read our tutorial about Registration forms

Training plans

Create exercises, add them to trainings and assign training to classes on specific date! This enables you to plan your training process with your instructors who can follow your training plans, mark completion and comment. You can print your training plans, share them via link or mobile app!

Read our tutorial about Training plans

Class comments & student feedback

You, and your instructors, can add class comments per member and class date. These comments can be internal or visible to member (via mobile app). It's a great way to track student performance! This feature is available in mobile and in web app.

Read more about Class comments & feedback

What else can DojoExpert do?

  • Store your leads data, collect leads trough forms, email or text leads...
  • Generate invoices automatically
  • Send email automatically on birthdays, missed class, due...
  • Send bulk email or sms
  • Track attendance with QR scan
  • Store documents (scan) per members
  • Create and print membership cards with QR codes
  • Enables your students to sign documents digitaly (contracts/waivers)
  • Store costs & revenues of your school
  • Store competition results of your members
  • Store your schedule
  • Design and print belt certificates
  • Create separate logins for your staff and set permissions
  • Connect to GoCardless or Stripe
  • Manage multiple locations of your school
  • Track instructors hours and payouts
  • Create games in mobile app for students
  • Embed widgets into your website (scheduler, members list, login, forms,...)
  • ...and more to come...

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