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Class comments & feedback

July 11, 2024

Now you can post comments per class/member on attendacne list or in member profile! Comments can be internal (for you and your instructors) or visible to member as class feedback (displayed in Dojo Login message board).

Find out more about this feature here: New feature: Class comments

New shortcuts menu

May 13, 2024

Now you can create your own menu! It can contian external URLs also! Small but valuable addtion to DojoExpert!

Account setup wizards

May 9, 2024

To make initial setup more easy we created a few wizards that can help our new customers to start using DojoExpert. You can access the wizards by clicking wizards icon in main menu. There is also a form wizard which can help existing customers when they need to decide which type of online form they need.

Available wizards:

  • Members & classes wizard
  • Billing wizard
  • Forms wizard
  • Student login wizard
  • Attendance trackign wizard

Leads fields and forms update

March 12, 2024

We added 2 new fields to Leads database: class date and trial done. These fields enables you to store when the lead will come to trial class and if he attended the class:

Fields can be populated through lead form that is now updated with better class selection:

Now you can enable users to select class date when they want to come to trial class. The calendar will display selectable dates according to your stored schedule (if you don't have defined schedule, all dates are available for selection). Example:

Also, confirmation email template can now contian codes {class} and {classdate} that pulls data from these fields.

Updated leads tutorial is here: Leads tutorial.

New email sending procedures and monitor

February 25, 2024

To better fight SPAM and increase email delivery we introduced new procedures in case email is rejected (bounced). For this purpose a new email monitor page is built. Review new email sending policy on Email monitor page.

Redirect to waiver from forms

November 30, 2023

If you are using event registration forms, class booking forms or leads forms, now you can redirect to waiver for user to sign it. Now there is a third type of waiver "general" which enables anyone to sing the waiver (not only member or lead):

Find waiver redirection setting in your form settings:

Updated waiver tutorial is here: Waivers tutorial. Waivers are part of Ultimate plan.

Bulk management of Stripe subscriptions

October 8, 2023

If you are using Stripe integration now you can view, update, pause and add subscriptions in bulk!
This feature even Stripe does not have :) Find this page on bottom of the Invoices page.

Leads in classes

August 31, 2023

Now you can enroll leads into classes! This means you can take attendance for leads and book them for classes.
Find this feature in leads profile:

You can also send QR codes for checkin via email by using code {qr}.
Enrollment of leads to classes can be done on classes page to:

This will enable you to take attendance for leads and members:

Booking forms can now be used to collect leads and book classes - find this option in your booking form:

You can add leads manually to your bookings the same way you do for members:

Adding leads to classes and taking attendance is also supported in mobile app. Make sure to update DojoExpert mobile app to version 8.0.

Bulk insert and delete

June 6, 2023

Now you can do data import into members database, and also bulk delete - select which members you want to delete and use bulk action "delete". The same option is available in advanced filtering also.

Custom fields update

May 11, 2023

Custom fields are fileds that you can create and add to your members or leads database. There are 4 types of fields: text, number, date and list. We updated the list type: now you can reorder the list and also edit list items!

New design

March 3, 2023

More modern design of our web app:

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