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Choose the plan which suits your needs! After selecting BASIC, PRO or ULTIMATE plan you will be redirected to Secure Form where you can pay using your credit card. If you prefer to pay by bank transfer, contact us! All prices on this page are in EURO or US Dollars. If your currency is not EUR or USD your bank will automatically convert the amount paid to your currency. Check the exchange rate with your bank.

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€ 14.00 / Month
  • max 100 members
  • 5 dojos (locations)
  • manual attendance (check list)
  • Support available
  • No hidden fees


€ 24.00 / Month
  • max 1000 members
  • 5 dojos (locations)
  • QR code attendance
  • Kiosk based attendance
  • Integration modules
  • Paypal integration
  • Student login app
  • Class booking
  • Zapier integration


€ 33.00 / Month
  • unlimited members
  • 5 dojos (locations)
  • everything in PRO and:
  • Stripe integration
  • GoCardless integration
  • Inventory management
  • Webshop
  • Online waivers
  • PayFast integration

* You can purchase additional dojos for 1/5 off account price per dojo
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Full list of features

Feature: Basic Pro Ultimate
Number of members limit 100 1000 Unlimited
Number of locations (dojos) included in price
(additonal unlimited dojos can be purchased)
5 5 5
Members and leads managegment with defining your own fields for records Yes Yes Yes
Data import/export from/to Excel Yes Yes Yes
Membership cards designer (with or without QR code) Yes Yes Yes
Athlete measurements records Yes Yes Yes
Instructor logins and instructor payouts calculation Yes Yes Yes
Multiple logins with different permissions Yes Yes Yes
Technical help & support via tickets Yes Yes Yes
Widgets for your website (integration modules) No Yes Yes
Classes & attendance:
Class scheduler Yes Yes Yes
Training plans (exercises) Yes Yes Yes
Attendance - roster list Yes Yes Yes
Attendance - kiosk for self-checkin No Yes Yes
Attendance - self-checkin with QR code scan No Yes Yes
Class booking No Yes Yes
Online classes (posting videos and instructions) No Yes Yes
Forms, registrations and signups:
Event registration forms Yes Yes Yes
Forms for lead/class signup Yes Yes Yes
GDPR forms Yes Yes Yes
Class booking forms No Yes Yes
Digital waivers (contracts) signing No No Yes
Invoicing & finance:
Automatic generation of invoices Yes Yes Yes
Financial plans Yes Yes Yes
Costs & revenues management Yes Yes Yes
Incoming invoices management Yes Yes Yes
Tax calculation in invoices Yes Yes Yes
Paypal support No Yes Yes
Stripe integration (credit card processing) No No Yes
GoCardless integration (direct debit processing) No No Yes
PayFast integration (credit card processing) No No Yes
Sending bulk emails Yes Yes Yes
Automated emails Yes Yes Yes
SMS sending (integration with BulkSMS) Yes Yes Yes
Posting messages to student mobile app No Yes Yes
Belts, ranks and promotions:
Define your own belt system Yes Yes Yes
Support for multiple arts Yes Yes Yes
Milestones for belts and defining requirements Yes Yes Yes
Promotion list loading Yes Yes Yes
Certificate design, print and send via email Yes Yes Yes
Belt exam records (grades) Yes Yes Yes
Student access to belt requirements in mobile app Dojo Login No Yes Yes
Student login:
Free mobile app Dojo Login for your members No Yes Yes
Web widget for login No Yes Yes
Accessing and paying invoices in mobile app No Yes Yes
Updating student records via mobile app No Yes Yes
Creating word guessing games in mobile app with top scores records No Yes Yes
Booking classes via mobile app Dojo Login No No Yes
Inventory and webshop:
Inventory management (on/off stock) No No Yes
Inventory sales No No Yes
Webshop No No Yes
Competition and results:
Competition results records (per category and member) Yes Yes Yes

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