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Mobile app for martial art school management

DojoExpert offers mobile app (iOS and Android) for common task of martial art school management. While the web app is complete solution with all features, mobile app that you can install on your phone or tablet offers basic tasks like attendance tracking, payments adding, leads management, and other main features. The app needs Internet connection to work. These are the features:

  • Members management (add, edit, find members within your mobile device)
  • Attendance list (store attendance data by clicking on members list)
  • Attendance with QR code scanning (turn your device into scanner for attendance tracking)
  • Kiosk mode for attendance tracking (let your students check in by them self)
  • Classes (manage enrollements, create classes, get a list of members in class)
  • Send SMS (text your members)
  • Belts and milestones (store belt requirements)
  • Scheduler (view or edit your school schedule)
  • Payments (register payment when someone pays you subscripton fees)
  • Leads management

New features are constantly adding to the app.

Download for Android or iOS:

Some screenshots:

Students mobile app

Your students can download our "Dojo Login" app and login to access their data! A few screenshots:

Martial art student login app Martial art student login app Martial art student login app Martial art student login app

Download links for mobile app Dojo Login:

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