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Contactless check-in

Features important during COVID-19 pandemic:

Attendance tracking with QR codes

Track attendance contactless with DojoExpert! Your students can access their QR codes in Student login app or you can print or send QR codes over email. You scan the QRs with our DojoExpert mobile app which will display welcome message and register the attendance. Contactless checkin is important in COVID-19 pandemic, try it out!

This feature is built for martial art schools, but can (and it is) be used in any other school type or scenario where attendance tracking is required.

For more instructions on how to print QR codes and use the scanning app read in our Quick start guide.

Find out more about other attendance tracking options in DojoExpert!


Class booking

Another important feature that goes together with contactless check-in is class booking - it enables your members to signup for class before they come to your dojo. This way you can control how many people can attend your classes! Students can book classes via mobile app or form embeded on your website. Find out more about class booking feature.


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