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Push notifications

Dojo Login 2 mobile app version 3.1 (and above) supports push notifications. In this tutorail find out how to:

  • Send push notifications
  • See who read the message

Push notifications and message board

To send push notification you use message board. Find it under "messaging" - "dojo login" menu. When adding or editing messages you can notice "send push notification" checkbox. If you tick it, when you click "add" or "save" button, push notification will be sent to all members that are eligible to see this message. Push notification will contain message title, and can be sent only to members who have Dojo Login 2 version 3.1 or above installed. Example:


Track reads

When someone reads the message on message board, this is marked in database. This counts only from version 3.0. On main grid you can see how many members read the message, for example 1/5 menas one member out of 5 read the message. To find out who it was, click the link. In reads column there will be a timestamp on when the message was read. Also you will have information when the member last logged into Dojo Login 2 (or members area widget):